Let's Do It

Let's Start a Social Movement

To build an effective social movement we must have the following:

  1. Democratic consensus and willingness to continue genuinely listening to minority views.
  2. Clearly defined goals and objectives.
  3. Sound, visible and effective solutions.

Our objective is to demonstrate that money is outdated. Our goal is to create a money-free society.

Our solution is to foster and encourage the Gift Economy.



Here are some concrete examples of the Gift Economy in action:



Free Library

Leave a book - Take a book

Public Libraries
Public Radio


World Wide Web
Work Bees
Car Pool
Ride Share
Garden Share
Open source software
Free tuition & lessons

Give away or donate what you don't need.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle





The next best thing to the Gift Economy is the Sharing Economy



Bike Sharing


Car Share






Tool Share





In a freely democratic society, people must be given choices and be allowed to choose and follow their own beliefs.

One must be able to opt out as they please.

In our current debt based economy, it is not so easy to opt out.

Let's bring change to that.



  The current free market system allows corporations to rape, pillage, pollute and destroy the environment for profit while enslaving the working people.    


The Really Really Free Market

is where we give freely - no money required.








      Driftwood Community Centre,
      Campbell Park, Saturday, Oct 01, 2016
      Sadleir House, 751 George St, N.
      Douglas, Fluhrer Park, Sunday, Sep 18, 2016
      Menil Park, last Saturday of every month, 4-7pm
      Dolores Park, 19th Street and Dolores Street, San Francisco, CA
Last Saturday of Every Month 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Pay It Forward