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Dundas EcoHouse

The Dundas EcoHouse is an initiative to create a demonstrable live-in home that incorporates and demonstrates the latest techologies, ideas and concepts of sustainable living with less dependency on fossil fuel. While this local initiative is still a vision, the home created by David Braden is an example of what we can hope to achieve.



Dave Braden

Building an Environmentally Friendly Home

Environment Hamilton and Dave Braden invite you to learn more about:

An environmentally-friendly home that can be heated with a hair dryer,

comes with its own electricity supply and avoids the use of toxic materials

Dave Braden is a former city councillor and a member of the Board of Directors of Environment Hamilton who has been building energy efficient homes for many years, including homes specifically designed for people with extreme chemical sensitivities.

He has constructed his own family home near Valens Conservation Area. He will take us through it and explain the techniques that he has used to make this the most environmentally friendly home in Hamilton, and perhaps in the province or the country.

Dave will be happy to answer your questions, including how you can reduce the energy costs in your own home.

Funding for this project is provided by Ministry of Energy's Community Conservation Initiative


Dundas Star News - 2009 Feb 06


Green Venture's EcoHouse


Green Venture's EcoHouse

EcoHouse shows citizens that it is possible to live in a sustainable manner, in harmony with our environment. Visitors are able to view and use environmentally friendly products, and discover where they can be purchased.


Funding for this project was provided by the Ontario Ministry of Energy's Community Conservation Initiative.


Feature article in National Geographic, March 2009

Saving Energy - It starts at home


2009 Feb 27

ecoENERGY Retrofit-Homes program

Following Parliamentary approval for the transfer of additional funds to the ecoENERGY Retrofit-Homes program, Natural Resources Canada has resumed payment of retrofit grants to Canadian homeowners.

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Retrofit your home and qualify for a grant - webpage

Retrofit your home and qualify for a grant - pdf

To find an independent contractor, go to Home Energy Ontario, click on the orange stripe and enter your postal code.

Green Venture is a founding member of Green Communities Canada.
















Environment Hamilton





















Green Venture


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